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Bahay na Bato Garden

Bahay na Bato Garden

The name translates to “Stone House” and it stood up to its name. Walking from the entrance to the house, guests are welcomed by stone carvings on the walkway, and even the path is made of stone slabs. One thing might catch the guests’ attention, though. There are a number of stone carvings with Korean characters in it.

The house was built in 2000 but was opened to public in 2014. It was supposed to be Dr. Edison and Dr. Purita’s rest house, but the local government intervened to open the gates to the public for tourism purposes. Korean architect Vong Kim designed the house and was instructed to design the house according to his likes. So that explains why Bahay na Bato features some subtle Korean characters.
Stone carvings are seen around the area. Some take the shape of humans, some take the shape of fishes, and some even look like phallic symbols.

Although it is adjacent to the beach, the guests won’t be able to swim due to its deep shoreline. Also, the shore consists of rocks and boulders instead of just sand. This adds to the ambience of the spot.
The entrance fee costs P20 only. Bring extra money in case you get hungry. The place has its own store that sells chips and cold beverages.

Ma Cho Temple View

Ma Cho Temple View

The Ma-Cho Temple is located in San Fernando, La Union and was built on September 11th, 1975. It’s a Taoist Temple and is built in the hills above San Fernando. It looks out on the China Sea and is a place where people of all kinds come to ask for luck from a Chinese Diety named Ma-Cho.

Balauarte Watch Tower

Balauarte Watch Tower

Built by the Spaniards during their heydays, the mighty Baluarte was used as watch tower and observation post by the authorities for impending danger from the sea. Not from typhoons or tsunamis, but from the Abu Sayafs at that time, the Japanese, Chinese and Moro pirates who took pleasure in raping coastal towns and settlements.

Because of its massiveness and height, the Guardia Civils are able to warn the residents of Namacpacan, the original name of the town of Luna, and prepare the peace officers to defend the properties and lives of their constituents. Like a guardian looking over its subjects, this ancient structure had served well its very purpose for countless times in the past.

Today, Baluarte stands in disarray, vertically cut in two because of eroded base and foundation, its two halves stand through concrete post supports on its sides. Like an old wounded soldier, it still stands in the pebble beaches of Luna, watching its industrious stone pickers finding a way for survival amidst the scorching hot sun. Time will come when this historic landmark will be finally and totally washed ashore, but the Baluarte which saw the Luna brothers grew, will continue to be a representation of the people of Luna, strong and united like its cemented bricks. Let’s just hope that this historic structure will still have more years to witness its people’s efforts for a better tomorrow

Sebay Beach Resort

Sebay Beach Resort in Urbiztondo

Sebay Surf Central is ideally located in the Heart of Northern Luzon’s Surfing Capital, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. Surfing enthusiasts flock to enjoy the waves of the famous San Juan Cove. Throughout the year, various competitions, activities and parties are held right in front of Sebay. San Juan is famous for the beautiful sunsets. affordable seafoods and the best surf spot for beginners and pro alike.

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